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AI for circular economy, agri-FoodTech & Sustainability

African Artificial Intelligence Innovators, with Purpose

Welcome to the Home of African A.I Innovation

Discover How Our Circular Economy, Agri-FoodTech and Sustainability Tech Innovation Can Benefit You

Our Vision

Inspiring solutions, and creating opportunities for prosperity, dignity and betterment of Africans.

Our Mission

Building a pan-African ecosystem of technology services solving Africa’s environmental, social and governance challenges.

Our Creed

We are Innovators with Purpose! We think and act Exponentially Outside the Box!

Software Engineers

Teliospace was founded by and remains a company of passionate Software Engineers. However, our faith is not in code, but in our people and Africa‘s potential.

AI Innovators

We are dynamic AI Innovators, specialists in Circular Economy, Agri-FoodTech and Sustainability Technology.

Venture Builders

We are entrepreneurs at heart. Innovative venturing is in our DNA! We are currently building our flagship venture called TelioGreen Platforms.

Our Story

Evolving, from a Lockdown Startup to a African ESG Tech Pioneers

Teliospace was founded by two Software Engineers and a Political Science graduate in a Johannesburg apartment during the 2020 Great Lockdown. Today, we are a growing team of Artificial Intelligence Innovators – specialists in Agri-FoodTech & Circular Economy Innovation with a pan-African vision.

Committed to African ESG Tech Innovation

Committed to Artificial Intelligence Innovation for Sustainability

TelioGreen Platforms – powered by Teliospace

Our Flagship Project in Circular Economy Innovation and Sustainability Tech


Building the Circular Economy


We connect African Innovators & Entrepreneurs to Opportunities


Pioneering African A.I Innovations for African Sustainability


Sustainability focused & A.I powered Supply Chain Co-Pilot

Why Agri-FoodTech, Circular Economy and Sustainability Tech?
Let the numbers Speak


Food Loss & Waste

30% of all food produced in Africa is lost wasted. Food wasted and lost in Africa can feed up to 230 Million people. Meanwhile, the region has some of the highest levels of food insecurity.

70 Million Tons

Waste & Pollution

Africa produces up to 70 Million Tons of municipal solid waste annually. Only about 40% of this waste is collected and treated.

~ $350 Billion

Inefficient & Unsustainable Supply Chains

~ $350 billion lost in African economies due to inefficiencies and Supply Chain disruptions. Nearly $50 Billion is lost to illicit financial flows usually through opaque and unsustainable supply chains.

Our Vision for TelioGreen Platforms

African Artificial Intelligence Innovation for Circular Economy & Sustainability

TelioGreen Hub

TelioGreen Hub is a business development and opportunity sharing platform for African Agri-FoodTech, Circular Economy and Sustainability ecosystems. Visit our Hub for funding and growth opportunities, opportunity data and funding analytics with cutting edge insights!

Committed to Africa

‘Africa Shall Be Saved!’

TelioGreen Marketplace

COMING SOON! We envision TelioGreen Marketplace being a one-stop-shop for African Sustainability and Circular Economy Commerce – powered by Teliospace’s Artifical Intelligence innovation. Watch this space!

Circular Economy Innovation

African Circular Economy Commerce

TelioGreen – Circular Supply Chain Co-Pilot

LAUNCHING IN 2024! Our team is hard at work in developing our a Data & A.I powered Circular Supply Chain Management Co-Pilot. Imagine an intelligent A.I Circular Economy Advisor to help you navigate Africa’s chaotic supply chains?

AI for Sustainability

Sustainability Co-Pilot

Join Our Waiting List

Ready to achieve impactful results in your business? Join the Waiting List of TelioGreen Platforms, or Express an Interest to work with Teliospace.

We Thank the Startup Ecosystem Builders that Have Supported Us


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